I could tell at our meeting before the wedding that Lynsey was just bursting with excitement. I think I was almost equally as excited to see her in her dress. On her wedding day, she was the picture of elegance, poise and grace. Brook is one lucky man, and I can tell by the way Lynsey looks at Brook, that she thinks she is equally as lucky.

Lynsey was relaxed on the big day. She truly enjoyed every moment. Brook was so quiet, and observant, just as I was told he would be. It was natural for him to step back and let Lynsey’s beaming smile and glowing personality shine on. They compliment each other so perfectly.

Oh Lynsey…you looked absolutely ridiculously amazing! Simply elegant!

Her ladies were pretty fine themselves!!! Gorgeous!

Brook surrounded by his guys.

The ceremony was intimate, and held in Lynsey’s Aunt and Uncles backyard in gorgeous Bradner area of Abbotsford. It was gorgeous!

The ceremony was just perfect!

Aren’t they just so cute together!?

Ohhhhhhh I just love Lyndsey’s reaction to her friends “omg I’m married!!!!”

Now we will get down to business before the party!

Oh Brook, and we thought you were camera shy.

Me: “Okay now walk towards me, keep smiling, look at each other, good! Keep walking! Good!”

Me: “Okay, wait…um, there’s a dirt bike coming up behind you now! So maybe move out of the way!!!!!”

So random!!!!!!

This is a seriously good looking wedding party!

Darcy takes her shoes off for the first time in a few hours:

I made her put them back on for this shot!

I’ll say it again…what a gorgeous couple!!!!

The wedding party takes a little break before heading to the reception!

I LOVE love LOVE love LOVE their rings.

To the reception, held at the Langley Golf Centre!

The venue looked amazing inside!

Yeah I got a seat!!!

This is a really typical shot, but I feel like these types of shots are appreciated! I love to show the general ambiance of the reception.

Speeches. Always some sort of tear is squeezed out during speeches. From joy, laughter, nostalgia, or all of the above!

I seriously love being that fly on the wall…observant, watching. snapping.

Lynsey’s father had an awesome speech. He spoke of the history of both Lynsey and Brook’s families, and how generations ago, a friendship started between the two families. This was truly a joining that was bound to happen, as these generations grew aside each other. Lynsey began crushing on Brook at the tender age of 12. Their love just blossomed as they grew older, and this was such a meaningful union for all the generations in their families.

It is totally worth stepping outside for 5 minutes at that special time of day for some golden shots!

So cute.

Brook and Lynsey, thank you SO much for inviting me into your lives for a day and giving me the honor of photographing it for you. I had an awesome time, I hope you like these preview photos!!