When I met Ryan and Kristin in February (sent to my by the fabulous Jen Opsahl of Hello Bella Events) to book their August wedding, I knew immediately I’d have a blast with them. They explained that they weren’t really even sure what to expect when being professionally photographed, so I encouraged them to purchase an engagement session. I think this is the best way to prep yourself and your groom (who will probably need more prepping than you, mentally) for your photographs on your big day. You will be much more relaxed doing this the second time around, and that will show in your photos.

I met Kristin and Ryan on Granville Island. Which is like the #1 place to take photos right now apparently. It was crazy busy, and we had a good time.

Yeah I know this doorway has made an appearance before but I just love it!

Kristin you are way too cute!

I think this is my favorite shot. I just love Kristin’s expression. Something moving about it!

Kristin’s hair is wild and moody and I love it.

I really love this one too! Kristin was really getting the hang of it. She’s gonna rock the camera on her wedding day, I can’t wait!

HAHA! Tires swings scare the crap out of me! I once got incredibly sick from one.

I had a great time hanging out with you two, I cant wait for August 14, it’s going to be such a blast!