Marissa was surrounded by her girls at her parent’s home, getting makeup done, ringing her hands together. I could see that she was nervous, but when I arrived and she sang out “Hello Larissa!” there was nothing but pure joy in her voice. Marissa was a little anxious, but she knew that her day would be perfect, and she just wanted to get the show on the road! Her sister Merilee and her best friends all moved around her with excitement, and I could tell that this was an extremely special day for both her and Dana’s entire family. After 8 years together, Dana and Marissa were finally tying the knot, and everyone could feel the anticipation.

The dress: amazing. I loved how it was a little different, and so elegant. Just the perfect amount of sparkle!

Some details:

Their rings were custom made (will update with info) by one of her bridesmaid’s dad I think. They are SO stunning!

So apparently now I’m putting together collages for my blog posts. It’s so I can cram more images into a post pretty much. HA!

I like the anxiety Marissa seems to be feeling on the left. On the right, her friend Carla probably eased a lot of that anxiety with that smile!!

It was getting close, and everyone started reacting to Marissa being in her dress. “Marissa McCaffery!” they would squeal. “You look soooo beautiful!” (doesn’t she, though?)

Oh they were easy to photograph, cause they just laughed the entire time. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! Now, we head to Britannia Heritage Shipyard Park in gorgeous Richmond!!!

Ceremony time! Doesn’t daddy look proud walking Marissa down the aisle?

Yeah, she looks good doesn’t she Dana?

…..and it’s legal!!!! Marissa looks pretty excited about that.

All done! The look of relief and joy! They wear it well.

Congratulations you two!!!!

Post ceremony chaos. It’s a good kind!

Apparently I like a lot of black and white with this wedding.

Some dashing groomsmen!

Gorgeous girls! The purple really complimented them all!

Dana is clearly feeling a little more relaxed!!! That’s one heck of a smile. I’m pretty sure Marissa is glad she snagged him!

These smiley girls again!

Marissa you looked so amazing!!!

On to some party time at the East Delta Hall. As a photographer, this venue rocked. The high ceilings, the balcony upstairs for viewing all that’s going on down below, it was great! Being surrounded by farmland was a really awesome change of scenery!

I think the Seating Tree was my favorite part. I loved finding my name on a card! Thanks Marissa and Dana, you really know how to make a girl feel at home!

Holy gorgeous cake stand!!! I wanted to take it home with me!

Oh hello there Mr. and Mrs. Steeves!

Get some drinks and get some fooooooooooood. Got some happy people!!!

Some toasts! Doesn’t Marissa’s mom look awesome! She was radiant, so proud.

I snuck them outside to the pretty trees when the light was getting behind! They actually had quite an audience though!

Part of the audience for the previous shot were Marissa’s cousins.

It’s dancing time, and Marissa’s brother Carey actually sang for Marissa’s dance with Dana, and her father. Carey did an awesome job! I was blown away!

Party time!! Get down!

Dana and Marissa, I had an awesome time at your wedding. It was such a beautiful day, It really showed you for you, and I felt the love!