I have known Sherry for longer than almost anyone else that I went to school with. We started out in Ms. Andrews’ kindergarten class together. She was seriously the best teacher who truly touched my life. Sherry and I went on to Grade 1 together, and even graduated in the same class from Elgin Park Secondary. But, obviously Ms. Andrews’ left an impression on us both, because Sherry has since become a kindergarten teacher herself. She is truly kind and gentle, and definitely down to earth. When I met Nick after arriving at the home they share together, I was happy to see that Sherry has found such a great match for herself. They laughed and played and flirted together, they have such an awesome chemistry and a common love for cleanliness. Yes, Sherry started stories to me like “well, the other night, I was sanitizing the garage, and Nick…”


Sanitizing the garage?


Anyway, back to the task at hand. Since Sherry is a Kindy teacher she requested none of the shots in her skivvies be shown, though for the record, they are really beautiful.

To start out, we set the stage. Sherry and Nick can’t wait to put these on their little guy!

Sherry, you really look incredible. So do you Nick but you’re not the pregnant one so I don’t have to mention it.

I had such a good time with you two, and I can’t WAIT to meet baby!!!!!