Open Curtain: Nicole is busy getting ready for her day. She bustles around preparing herself in her best friend Laura’s home with her bridesmaids, makeup artist and hairstylist around her. This day involves more preparation than the ordinary bride. Nicole has two boys aged 3.5 years and 8 months. Pictured above, Jax (pictured above with Tiff) quietly watched as Nicole double checked all his bags for his food, formula, extra diapers, etc. He happily chatted and played with Auntie Amy, Laura, Sheena, Cristal and Tiffany.

The final touches on Nicole’s hair! I swear this girl will never age. Look at her skin! So lucky!

Oh HAI THERE!!!!!!

Such gorgeous flowers!

Time to go! We headed to Stanley Park to meet up with the boys!

I set them up for a first look. Peek a boo!!

Gimme some camera love Hayden!! Doesn’t Hayden look exactly like daddy, and Jax just like mommy??

I am crazy about Peonies. They go in every bouquet so well, they come in such great colours!

I think Edward wants a taste of Bella’s neck. Hahah! Nicole is a Twi-hard so I’m pretty sure she’ll like these!

A couple shots caught on the fly of the boys:

Though I have known Nicole for quite a few years, I haven’t had a chance to see her be a mother, since she has moved away since becoming a mother of two. On her wedding day, I was truly warmed and inspired to find that Nicole is indeed one of the most doting, tender, caring mothers I have ever seen. She proudly carted her 8 month old along with no complaint, often asking to take him from others so she could have snuggles and spend time with him since her honeymoon would take her away from them for 8 days. She got down on the ground to change diapers, and to talk and play. Both her and Brandon took time out of the night to speak privately with Hayden, their 3.5 year old about their going on vacation soon, and he would be going home with Gramma and Grampa. Nicole also stressed to me that their day was about their children as much as their marriage, it was a union that tied an entire family together. They are extremely proud, loving parents.

To the boat!!! We got to ride around the gorgeous Vancouver area and shoreline with Sunset Bay Yacht Charters. It was a gorgeous boat, and even more gorgeous were the views!

Ok wait. First, sit here and smile!

Getting nervous?!?!?!

psssst….we’re on a boat!

Look at Hayden watching!!!!! So cute. He sat so quietly the entire time, what a good boy!

We got married!!!!!!!!!!!!

We’re on a boat!!!!

The food was AMAZING! I could eat it every night.

Brandon wears his late Grandfather’s wedding band. I think that’s so awesome!

Nicole and her daddy!

Brandon and Nicole are clearly most happy with family!!

I had to put this in.

The views were amazing!!!!

Hayden showing off some dance moves!!!!

Laura and Nicole did some mock junior high dance moves.

Awwwww mama love! (ps Cole: how amazing did you look in that dress!!?!?!?!?!!?!?)

And last, but not least, one of the more epic bouquet struggles in my experience!

Brandon and Nicole, I hope your wedding day was all you dreamed, you absolutely deserved it!