I knew from our first meeting that we would get along great, and when I met up with Derek and Lisa and their planner, Dawn of Candeo Weddings, I was super stoked for my day with them. Lisa was stoked, stress free, trusting, and most of all excited to show off love for Derek!


Event Planning – Candeo Weddings
Cake – Justine’s Sugar Lane
Florist – Holly Tree Florist
DJ – Frost Entertainment
Musicians – Helen Siemans on Harp and Tom Browning  as Piper
Venue – Harrison Hot Springs Resort
Hair – Harrison Hairstyling & Day Spa
Rentals – A Priceless Event
Linens – Ever After Weddings
Officiant – Mary Dams

I arrived at the hair salon to grab a really quick few shots of the girls in the salon. Lisa was relaxed and happy!

Lisa’s mom on the right sat at the back of the salon and watched over everything so quietly and protectively. It was serene and sweet!

Derek prepped for the day, after I told him he had to.

Lisa’s niece Scarlette really threatened to steal the show from Lisa!

This family has some amazingly beautiful women in it!

Kyla and Breanna, you looked stunning!

Let’s go boys.

Some adorable and amazingly handsome men helping us out as well!

String instruments are my FAVORITE, and I don’t know but I’m hoping piano is included in that. Either way, violin and harp, amazing choices Lisa!


I definitely LOVE the ceremony site in the Gardens!

Making it official!

More gorgeous flowers from Holly Tree Florist

After some family shots, we headed to the hot and windy beach which was GORGEOUS!

We had time. And fun.

A lot of fun. I won’t tell you the conversation happening here.

This. Is my favorite. I just love the way she is looking at him. He’s so content.

“Derek why are you so dirty!?”

So many cute kids!

Oh these are men, not kids. But they are cute, and here they are saying “I love you, man” to Derek. Awwwwww.

Scarlette sneaking in front of my camera again!

More adorable kids! This girl looks exactly like that little Eloise girl!

I had SO much fun at Derek and Lisa’s wedding, I hope this is a sign of good things to come for this season. So far, I’m having an amazing time.

Congratulations Derek and Lisa!