On Thursday I met up with Danika of Chic to Cheek, an online boutique that specializes in locally handmade stuff by moms, for moms and kids. For the most part we were focusing on Danika’s extensive crocheted hat line, cloth diaper line, and a couple slings.

Some of the dresses were provided by Little Trends, and any of the applique shirts are from The Mayhems.

We started out in the morning with the boys!

Milan was sooooooo cute and he was very quiet and observant. He’s a smart one for sure!

Gavin had some spunk. He had me wondering if he was gonna pull out the smiles. But we got them.

Hunter is Danika’s son. He is pretty easy to work with! We just chatted about snails!

It was not difficult to get this guy to smile. Cole has the cutest little nose! He is Gavin’s little brother.

Charlotte has these beautiful eyes that are just to die for. She was quite relaxed and at one point I got to snuggle her to sleep. I was in heaven! These diaper covers are on my to buy list if I ever have another little girl!

Don’t get me started on Ruby Baby! Look at those eyes! She was simply born to model.

Uh, see what I mean? Ruby!!!! Let’s meet up again soon!!!

Sienna!!!! Spitting image of her father who I know from years ago! Super smiley! My favorite part about her is her hair! Sienna’s mommy is a wardrobe and interior design consultant. I’ll put her link up here as soon as I get it!

I’m also buying these pants for the first little girl I possibly can. My daughter is too big for them! :(

This dress is from Bella Bambini!

Nila was ready to go, and she had a blast. She wanted to do more.

Maddox (in a Bella Bambini dress) is Hunter’s older sister, Danika’s daughter. She first told me she didn’t want to do pictures. Then she turned it on!!!!

Kaiya was a snail fanatic, just like Hunter. She actually left the park WITH a snail. In a baggie. It was open, the snail had air, don’t worry.

I swear we couldn’t have asked for better models! Look at this little bug!!!

I think yellow is Sienna’s colour!

Chloe looks so much like her daddy, who was the one who brought her out to the shoot. Mommy was at school! Props to daddy for going through something girly like this for his baby girl!

Kaiya (in Bella Bambini) and her lil sister Ava (in a Little Trends dress)! Ava was the most easy going kid ever!

Kaiya in another Bella Bambini dress and of course a Chic to Cheek hat!

I can’t wait to have another baby so I can buy this adorable sling. I am such a geek when it comes to cute patterns like this, they just scream me!

Jen had like 6,000 outfits for Sienna, obviously.

I had so much fun the entire day. Things went so well, I met some great mommies (and a daddy) and got to hang out with the most adorable little babes!