On sunday I went up to Alouette Lake in Golden Ears Park with my family and some friends. We had and awesome time and I thought I’d post a couple of my favorite shots. Okay most of them are of my daughter. But she’s really cute and rarely do I manage to get good shots of her!

Yes I know we better lock her up till she’s 21.

This is my daughter having some quality time with two of her “aunts” Jaime and Alexa. I love this shot. I love the daisy in Jaime’s hair, that Jayla probably put there!

She’s got the sky in her eyes!

She’s such a giggler. She’s always laughing!

The guys, lawn bowling.

I overexposed this one a bit but I just love it. I think it’s a moment!

A typical face!

Don’t worry, Daddy was RIGHT there. Actually you can see his hand on the right haha!

Tired out after a long day. I can’t wait for my next trip up there.