April 9, 2010. It was a gorgeous day, and Sharon was preparing for the ceremony of her marriage to Raj. Raj is a man Sharon has loved for many years, and their love has survived some true tests. Sharon was very ready to start her life with Raj. Sharon’s home was busy with women preparing, dressed in traditional colourful gorgeous sarees. After days of ceremonies, the main event had finally arrived.

Sharon’s little brother, Eric, paced the hallways nervously.

I normally don’t do collages but I couldn’t keep it down to a few images.

At the Vedic Cultural Centre, I was more than thrilled with this cloud mural. I LOVE CLOUDS. I don’t know why. I also love mehndi.

Also on my list of loves is windows.

Enter Raj. He’s such an awesome guy, he always seems positive!!

The festivities began. So much happened in the next hour and a half, and I have never photographed an Indian ceremony before, so I was very excited. I just tried to point my camera at everything happening. Sharon and Raj had complete faith in me, I love that about them!

Decor was taken care of by the amazing Reetu and Jessica from Kasamh se Decors (kasahmsedecors@gmail.com). Not only did they do a great job at decorating, they also gave me some great pointers for the key points of the ceremony.

I don’t pretend to know a lot about the ceremony and all the rituals involved. I know there is significance with the ribbon which tied the two together, done by Sharon’s relative. Sharon and Raj also did several sacrifices and offerings, walking around the fire seven times, and taking the first four steps together. There were gift givings, switching sides, I could go on. It was all extremely interesting and I have never taken so many photos at a wedding ceremony.

Ceremony over, but it was dark out! We didn’t have a lot of time left, so snapped a couple shots of the newlywed couple before they went off to celebrate with their families.

Sharon and Raj were up at 6am the next day for prayer. I slept soundly, and met them later in the day, at Minoru Park! Hey, why not use the hospital building for some photos??

See the way she looks at him? Is there any doubt why they’re getting married? They are obviously madly in love!

Reception time at the Riverside Grand Ballroom!

Dear Sharon: you have my DREAM RINGS! They are absolutely gorgeous!

Then it was party time! Everybody got into dancing, even the kids. But who is this woman in the middle? LOOK at her moves, and the eye contact! She is my hero!

I seriously have a good handful of photos of this lil guy looking up and just standing in the middle of the action!

I had an amazing time over the two days with Sharon and Raj. I learned so much, I experienced so much, thanks for giving me the honor of photographing your wedding, Sharon and Raj!