Tim and Alicia are such a great match. I have known Tim for quite a few years now, and when I found out he had found the girl of his dreams and asked her to marry him, I was thrilled! They asked me to do their engagement photos and we went down to White Rock Beach. It was cloudy but warm-ish and the wind was fun. I always like wind because I love movement in my girls’ hair. I feel like it adds emotion to the shot. Maybe I’m crazy.

Alicia and Tim are two of a kind. I can tell that when they’re alone together, they get really goofy and really let their guards down. I tried to get them to show that side in front of my camera. I really wanted to capture their special bond.

Alicia put on Tim’s glasses and acted studiously aloof.

I do this because I can.

Thanks Tim and Alicia for an awesome hang out on White Rock Beach! I had fun, as always, and I hope you guys got to wash your feet when you got home!