I don’t often post a lot of personal photos, but I just love these candid shots I took the other day while visiting with my dear friend Kendahl and her son, Jakob. Who have both graced this blog many times.

My daughter Jayla, with Jakob:

This is just me moving around Jakob and playing some peekaboo while he played with his blocks on the floor.

Step One: play with the drum:

Step Two: eat the drum

Jakob loves to watch Jayla. Such a cute age!

Later that evening I was randomly chasing my daughter around the house trying out a new technique to get soft even lighting. Believe it or not, this shot is taken in my bathroom, and it was DIFFICULT to get. She wasn’t just sitting there smiling up at me. Nope. It went more like “Jayla can you look at the lens? Look up. Please. For me? I’m just wanting to get one picture. I’m trying to learn! Look up! Please?” *she looks at the camera for literally a split second* and SNAP. Voila.

Oh, and she agreed to pose with Ariel…and her hair is parted differently and it makes her look like such a big girl!

Thanks for reading my random ramblings!