Amber contacted me super excited to hire me for her wedding. Her boyfriend of 10 years had finally proposed and she was getting her dream wedding! We met and finalized the details and I can’t WAIT to shoot their wedding in September of this year.

In fact, Amber and I go pretty far back. We haven’t talked for years, but we had many interesting times together as kids. She was quite close with my younger sister at times through their childhood. It is always awesome to see old friends so happy.

I met with Amber and Cam on Granville Island. One of my favorite places EVER. The clouds were threatening.

Then it started really raining so we headed into the Public Market, along with everyone else on Granville Island.

Major fave:

And I was PRETTY excited about their cruiser bikes. These two live right in the heart of the city so they bike everywhere! It’s so Vancouver!

Oh, I hope their parents are proud of the well-mannered, professional adults they have grown to be:

Stay tuned for a “before and after” blog post with this photo, showing my process for editing my photos from camera to blog!

To say I had a blast with these two would be an understatement. I’m simply stoked for their wedding!