I couldn’t wait to put up some shots from my session with Kyla because she is seriously SO CUTE. One of the cutest I have ever seen. I have watched her grow from a newborn as she is the daughter of some close friends of mine. She is growing into an independent little girl now, which was evident when she wanted to call the shots in the beginning and we had some interesting tantrums. I swear she was just as cute during the screaming and crying as when she was smiling. She got a lot happier outside so instead of cake smashing inside, we ended up taking cake for a walk to the front yard. Why not?

Yeah guys, I am not into this!

We thought the cupcake would never fulfill it’s destiny. But after getting dressed and the mention of outdoors, Kyla perked up and started munching on her cupcake.

See what I mean about cute? I DIE when I look at this!

Kyla and mommy looking at some pretty flowers!

Where’s your belly button??

Love the little bug.