Well it was yet another beautiful February day on the west coast. I was enjoying my morning coffee, when my best friend Jaime texted me. We haven’t seen each other in a while, so I invited her over for a quick shoot. She’s ALWAYS complaining to me about needing “new profile pictures” so i figured this would quiet her down for a bit. No really, I am thankful, because I get a lot of practice on her and it’s nice to shoot someone you’re so comfortable with.

We went driving and had a hard time at first finding good light since the sun was so high in the sky at the time. We settled into Fort Langley, using shade from awesome buildings there.

This is the kind of shot where Jaime says “Why am I so pretty?” when she looks at it. Which is funny because in actuality she’s the most modest girl and so down to earth.

Yeah Jaime’s like my other half. She does the thinking for me when we’re together. She even picks up my parenting slack. Kind of how I wish my husband would be…

Oh I just love these next two!

TEE HEE!!!!!!

Booya! Glad to get another good one under our belts Jaime!