When Jana, a friend of my little sister’s, called me up and asked if I could be her wedding photographer for her August 28th wedding, I was thrilled! Not only is Jana gorgeous and have great taste, she’s a blast to be around, and I knew we’d have some fun on her wedding day.

Many people remember the engagement session I had with Jana and her now husband Matt. It was very popular and headlined my Facebook Fan Page for a while!


I have been dying to revisit that location since, which is on 5th and Alberta in Vancouver, a studio with beautiful mural on the walls!

On to the wedding, hope it doesn’t get too long, though I think that’s a lost cause…

Matt’s a pretty yummy guy. I think Jana made a great choice.

Matt and Jana 01

Actually ALL the guys were pretty yummy…

Matt and Jana 02

I just love this shot of Jana getting her make-up done by Garcy, one of her best friends and an amazingly talented girl!

Matt and Jana 03

Matt and Jana 04

Matt and Jana 05

Her bouquet was huge and perfect! Look at the sparklies on the base of it (like my technical garble?). I’ll update with a link to the florist!

Matt and Jana 06

Heeere she comes! She was SO excited to be walking down that aisle! VanDusen Gardens was amazing!

Matt and Jana 07

Matt and Jana 07a

So they were married!

Matt and Jana 08

Matt and Jana 09

Portrait time!!! Granville Island!

Matt and Jana 10

I love this one!

Matt and Jana 11

This wedding party was just all around gorgeous. I’d like to take them all out again.

Matt and Jana 12

I’m not sure what draws me to this next photo, maybe the candid way Jana is smiling, I’m not sure. But I like it!

Matt and Jana 13


Matt and Jana 14

Matt and Jana 15

Matt and Jana 16

I swear these two did this on their own. They’re just naturally beautifully mushy.

Matt and Jana 17

Matt and Jana 18

On to the reception, the decor was amazing!! We were at the Heritage Hall on Main Street. My amazing sister, Kezia, worked with Jana as somewhat of a planner and she pulled the reception together along with Jonathan Goulet as the co-Emcees.

Matt and Jana 19

Cake was made by the obviously talented Jen Moss!

Matt and Jana 20

I am becoming more and more obsessed with ring macro shots and find it incredibly difficult to choose just one shot to blog!

Matt and Jana 21

This is pretty much what we all looked like when Matt was speaking to Jana and toasting her. “awww!”

Matt and Jana 22

Cake cutting and Dancing then party time!

Matt and Jana 23

Matt and Jana 24

Jana’s father had us all in tears when he toasted her earlier, so when they danced it was really emotional and beautiful!

Matt and Jana 25

Get down!

Matt and Jana 26

Matt and Jana 27

I had so much fun on this absolutely gorgeous day with Jana and Matt and all their close friends and family. I love their entire circle around them, and can’t wait to watch them grow a family! I love you guys!

Now before you go, leave some blog love! I’m interested in who actually reads my blog!