I am just going through my images from some shoots with Riley and with Hailey, separate shoots but they both reminded me so much about how I love to photograph children. It’s like going back to my roots for me. Familiar, happy, fun.

Riley’s shoot was relaxed though he gave me a challenge in getting him to sleep without the soother. Apparently it was his first day using one…I don’ t know how his mother, Kristie, was getting him to sleep at all before she started using one. Here’s a peek for Kristie and Trevor:


And once again I met up with Hailey, Hannah and their mom and dad Wendy and Mike. My primary goal being Hailey’s 1 year portraits, I focused mostly on her. Here’s a preview for mom and dad!!


More to come when I find my breath amongst all this shooting I’m doing! (LOVING IT!)