I am finally ready to blog Gary and Jasmine’s wedding which was on July 26, 2009. This day was a really exceptional day for these two, and it was amazing for everyone around them to watch them finally get married. The physical evidence of Gary and Jasmine’s union in love has already shown in the way of their two gorgeous children Connor, 5 and Bentley, 2.

We start off the day with all the ladies getting hair done, and Jas also getting her makeup done! On hair we had the gorgeous Katrina Hansen (bride to be, I will shoot her wedding on September 5) and Stephanie Herringer. And on makeup is Jen Hall!

gary + jasmine 01 gary + jasmine 02

gary + jasmine 03

gary + jasmine 04

gary + jasmine 05

gary + jasmine 06

The ceremony was right on Crescent Beach which is so gorgeous!
gary + jasmine 07

gary + jasmine 08

gary + jasmine 09

gary + jasmine 10

We went to Elgin Heritage Park for portraits, where the Stewart Farmhouse is located as well as some heritage barns. It was so fun! It was really really hot though!
gary + jasmine 11

gary + jasmine 12

gary + jasmine 13

This is some hot bridal party if you ask me!
gary + jasmine 14

A little alone action!
gary + jasmine 15

gary + jasmine 16

Reception time, at the fabulous Chateau Cargill!!!
gary + jasmine 17

gary + jasmine 18

gary + jasmine 19

gary + jasmine 20

gary + jasmine 21

gary + jasmine 22

gary + jasmine 23

Haha, I love this picture. Bentley at the bottom with her mouth wide open.
gary + jasmine 24

Their first dance really made me cry because they were singing to each other.
gary + jasmine 25

Bentley also joined them on the floor
gary + jasmine 26

By the time I left, they were all starting to get down!!
gary + jasmine 27

Last but not least, a really cute shot of my BFF and her husband, aka Godparents to my daughter. They were at the wedding too!!!
jaime + jarrod

I can’t thank you guys enough for letting me join you on your day!!