I am a terrible blogger. I am sorry for it. I’ve been behind. My life has been a bit crazy, I worked nonstop last weekend, and this week when I haven’t been working I have been tending my daughter who has been sick.

Believe me when I say my housework is suffering as much as my blog!

A couple weeks ago I met up with Kristie and her fiance Trevor. I had never met them before, but from the few conversations I had with Kristie on the phone I had guessed I was going to have fun with these two. I was right. I left their session being so thankful for my job, my life. I get to meet such awesome people, I get to help them create memories. I always end up feeling like I’ve gained a friend. With Kristie and Trevor, I felt like we’d known eachother for a long time. They were so easy with each other, so obviously in love and excited to spend time together.

Many people have already asked me about the location. I chose the Serpentine Fen which is in the area of King George Hwy between the 99 and Colebrook Road. The Serpentine River meanders through this area and attracts all types of beautiful birds. It is a gorgeous, peaceful area.

Kristie’s belly is growing a little boy. I can’t wait to see him come out! Any day now!







This one is totally my favorite!




Thanks for an awesome time you guys. Also, thanks for being patient!!!
But call me the second that baby is born.