I met these two on the day of their wedding. We barely had time to meet before the ceremony started, actually. Jessica had contacted me through facebook because her older sister Michelle had recommended me after she saw my work. Both our families grew up in the same area and we are in the same generation, so we had an idea as to who each other was. I have hung out with Michelle a few times, as we have a lot of mutual friends. I am so glad Jessica contacted me. She is a really cool girl, and we instantly clicked. We had to shuffle some dates around since I had some rigid plans already set for the date she wanted to have the ceremony, July 4. So, we pushed it to July 5, and I raced from my best friend’s baby shower (she went into labor that night!) to Jessica’s parent’s place in Ocean Park. I got there about 1/2 hour before Jess walked up to the altar.

Jessica and Jason have a great story…a chance meeting (in Thailand) and a whirlwind kind of romance (living abroad, being from different areas of the world). But this Los Angeles man and this White Rock girl are meant to be together, and they are quickly putting it all in order for their much anticipated, sure to be gorgeous little girl, due in just a few months. Jessica promises me that I am “the photographer” for her, and that I will get to capture moments and memories in her family’s entire lives. I am looking forward to it, because she was so fun to hang out with!

The wedding was an intimate ceremony with only about 30 guests, in Jessica’s parent’s back yard. It was so cute, so awesome!

Michelle helped get her baby sister dressed.

This is just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Jessica is pregnant and well, preggo boobs are big. Michelle was trying her best to get them in. She did a good job though.



She’s ready to go, and she is stunning!


he’s waiting!!!








Everyone there!!! … many of them still holding their alcohol…hmmmm



Harp. Need I say more? I love this instrument! At one point I recognized Mariah Carey’s “Hero” and at another time, the theme from Titanic, “My Heart Will Go On” and I almost cried right there. Something about string instruments gets to me!

Portraits on Crescent Beach! We fired out some family shots and I have to post this cutie one of Jessica’s brother Courtland and his girlfriend.

So we got down to the good stuff.


Love this one!!!!

Just a note that clicking the photos will take you to my flickr photostream, which has even more photos and you can view them in larger sizes by choosing the button just above the photo that says “all sizes”. Sometimes, seeing the photos bigger really makes an impact.

So, Jessica, Jason, I am so happy and excited for you two. I am so eager to get some photos of your belly as it grows, and that sweet little girl face when she is born!!