These two lovebirds are friends of my sister. Jana is possibly one of the cutest and most random people I know. When she met my daughter, who was 3 months old at the time, she said “Wow Larissa, you’re baby is so hot! Well not hot. You know what I mean. She’s really cute.”

Matt was wary of my choices at times (“You’re actually going to make us sit on this chair??” pointing to dirty old chair I found in alleyway) but always gave it a go, which is really all I can ask. Soon enough the energy of the shoot took over and things got rolling. By the time we were through our first few locations we started to have some fun.

I can’t wait until August to shoot their wedding, Jana has some amazing details in store!!!

They brought along Leo, their Nova Scotia Duck-Tolling Retriever. Cutest dog ever! He’s still a puppy too!


I really love this image although I wish it were sharper. I am probably a bit too critical of the technical aspects of my photos though.



Leo has the most expressive eyes, like all retrievers!

I always get a few great images out of shooting into the sun and letting the flare go wild!




Oh, the 85mm that I have the pleasure of borrowing from a friend is really impressive sometimes. It really makes Jana and Matt jump out of the picture here! click here to view larger

I think this one is Jana’s favorite!


Oh my gah. I love this wall. It was impressive! Um it’s a studio on 6th and Yukon-ish. I could be wrong. I should look it up. click here to view larger

Hope you guys like them, can’t wait to shoot you again!