So, in an effort to post more of my personal photos, because a lot of them are really my favorites, this post is centered around my daughter Jayla, 3 and my 2nd cousin Teelynd, 2. I often care for Teelynd in the day or evening time because my cousin, her mommy, is a single mom and works very hard. We are so happy to have Tee with us a couple times a week.

Teelynd really enjoyed the slide.

Jayla is growing up soooo fast!

Tee is the kind of girl that loves to get dirty and takes her shoes off at the playground. Ew. That pea gravel dust is so chalky!



I was just loving the wind in her hair!


Yeah so she has a dirty face. But you know what? I don’t have the time to photoshop all the pictures. I’m finding I care less, because it’s more real! I’m totally over the airbrushed skin look! Teelynd is a dirty face kinda girl! It tells you who she is. I want my photos to do that. I don’t create, I capture!

I love this photo. In light of what recently happened with my littlest sister who is the same age as Jayla (side story: 3 year old girl + 5 year old boy + scissors = 3 year old girl with extremely short hair) I really appreciate my girl’s long blonde locks. They look particularly good in this picture!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of the Little Ladies, as I like to call them. Aka Picky and Porky.