Ah, where to start with these two? Well, Katrina and I actually went to elementary school together, though a year apart. I crossed paths with her a few times in the more recent years, and though we never really knew eachother much, she knows my good friend Kendahl. (are you all sick of hearing about Kendahl?). Kendahl of course mentioned my name when Katrina and Nick got engaged, and they have hired me as their wedding photographer for their late summer wedding! I am very excited.
Nick is a very creative guy. It’s actually quite intimidating taking his picture because I want to help him meet his visions as well as my own. A lot of the time people don’t really know what they want in their photo. But Nick does know what he wants. Katrina is easily pleased though ;)
Quick tangent here because I have to tell their engagement story. Nick took a picture of himself on one knee, holding the ring he had purchased for Katrina, towards the camera. It was much like a “point of view” shot as if he was proposing to whomever viewed the picture. He then applied some amazing manipulation effects and filters to it in photoshop making it look “comic-book style” and then had it printed poster sized and put it on a wall in their bedroom. He covered it with cloth. Later when he revealed it to Katrina, when she turned to look at him, he was down on one knee with the actual ring, and asked her to marry him.
So the picture is still on the wall and they told me this story when we had our first meeting. I can’t wait to see the amazing style these two put on their wedding.
As for now…here is our engagement session in Fort Langley. And yes, in a cemetery.







Sorry for stamping your face, Katrina.







Nick says sorry for glamorizing smoking. Smoking is in no way actually as fun as this photo makes it seem. He smelled bad after. Smoking stinks!!! Don’t smoke!!!!!!!





Thanks for an awesome time you guys, I can’t wait to spend your wedding day with you!