I feel terrible because I’ve neglected this blog. Some other things came a bit above the blog in priority in the past couple weeks. The good weather is one, spending time with family comes along with that!

So, sorry for being a bit absent. I’m back with a full post of Shana and Sol.

This couple surprised me. They were a lot more open, free flowing, and fun than I originally thought they might be. Shana was in red and she looked so great. Sol complimented her well, and it doesn’t need to be said that he’s totally into his bride-to-be. Their body language was natural and energetic.

I hope you enjoy them!



I just love the look of the tree reflection in the window in the next one. 




This mansion is Aberthau House also known as Rear House or West Point Grey Community Centre. It is a community centre now, and still very beautiful. It’s mere steps from Jericho Beach.



I love the energy of this next one!