Well, I have to give thanks out to a friend of mine, Kimberley Burden, who I have been playing the “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” game with for a bit now. She recently helped open a temporary Lululemon store in White Rock (my home town). She invited me to some exclusive events to photograph, and in turn, I reaped the benefits of exclusive sales.

Lululemon wear is amazing, well made, and beautiful fitness clothing, geared mostly towards Yoga. They have awesome motivating philosophies and encourage well-being for your mind and body. Their clothing is just theeeeee most comfortable stuff ever made, and it lasts forever.

So last night I scored some awesome sales, and of course Kim asked me to bring my camera along with me. It was a madhouse! Some fave pics of mine of course involved Natalie Coulter doing her yoga on a table in the middle of the store! So cool! She did some amazing positions and blew my mind.












Now although i’m starting my own workout regimen, I just can’t see myself ever contorting into these positions!