Well, I just finished 8 days with two extra kids. I had a nannying gig that I brought poor Jayla along with for the entire time. We braved it all and made it through! I stayed overnight and did a total of 199 hours consecutively. Yeah, I’m pretty proud of myself. You might think that this provided me with a lot of time for photography of these two cute little guys, but I was worked to the bone trying to keep them happy. Either way, I got a few great shots of them and of my own adorable little girl, who is now 3 years old!












And lastly, a close friend of mine brought her daughter, Kyla, over to play. She is just setting Kyla up with an agent and asked me to try and get a good headshot of her. I managed to get one in between crabby whines from the others. Kyla is 10 months old. Look back to find her 6 month shots I did in the fall.



So that’s been us since the New Year. We had a good Christmas but a terrible New Years, as I was sick as a dog! So I’ve been super busy, but hoping to get back into the swing of things sooner rather than later. I really want to start blogging more often.